Perfect for any efficiency-minded operation. Easily keep up with customer demands from Grilled meats to seafood and you can present your menu items with those perfect grill marks.
Designed from the counter up, the TurboGrill features an impressive array of features designed to meet the demands of any commercial foodservice operation, large or small.

Special Features:
– The TurboGrill distributes heat evenly and uses a lot less gas in comparison to other traditional radiant grills without affecting production.
– An Emitter panel as part of a burner system eliminates air movement allowing food to retain up to 30% more moisture
– A Burner system designed to reduce flare-ups for a reduction in safety issues
– Stainless steel sides, laser cut control panel indicator, top trim and backsplash removable for easy cleaning
– Various grill tops are available to suit your needs, and are changeable as you need.



■ Full width, stainless steel front drip tray
■ 280 x 630mm stainless steel cooking grids/plates over each burner zone
■ Energy efficient burner system in each cooking zone
■ Direct ignition piezo spark igniters for each burner
■ Built in flame failure on every burner
■ One high range heat control valve for each burner
■ Chrome burner control knobs
■ Removable, stainless steel heat shield and splash back
■ 4 x adjustable legs
■ Easy cleaning
■ Grill area equivalent to that of a traditional 8 burner