What good is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment if it doesn’t actually make your life easier? 

We’ve touched on the ways our new F5 Fryer is wowing the industry with its efficiency, touchscreen technology and quality. But even the best product isn’t worth the hassle if it’s too frustrating to operate and care for. 

That’s why we didn’t just make the F5 easy to learn, use and make delicious food with — we ensured that it’s easy to clean and maintain as well. 

We know you want to focus on serving your customers and not worry about equipment service and upkeep, so we focused on a few key areas that make the F5 a fryer you won’t need to worry about. 

Here’s how we expanded the F5’s five-star frying experience to upkeep and maintenance: 


Quicker and Easier Cleaning 

A variety of innovations and industry leading technology make the F5 fryer the easiest to clean in the industry. 

Our all-new 8-GPM filter pump is 77% more powerful than our competition, combining with a new nozzle design to powerfully wash away crumbs and debris. Even hard-to-reach corners are thoroughly cleaned, making it easier than ever to maintain the quality of your oil. 

During every filtration cycle, the F5’s filter pump dictates how quickly the oil is pumped back into the vat. This system is designed to remove crumbs from the pot — yes, even in those areas that traditional fryers struggle to clean. 

The aesthetically pleasing look of the F5 is designed with cleaning in mind. Its sleek, smooth design is intentional, leaving fewer cracks and crevices for oil and crumbs. 


Keeping You Moving

We know how important it is for you to keep your operation running, especially during busy lunch and dinner rushes. 

That’s why the F5 was designed to minimize downtime, to increase the efficiency of your employees and ensure that your customers are kept happy. 

Take filtration, for example. Filtering your oil is critical to prolonging its life (which saves you money) but it isn’t always convenient to do, especially when you have a line of customers. 

The F5 can complete the entire express filtration process — including bringing the oil back to its set temperature — in just three minutes, which means you don’t have to shut everything down to keep it clean. 

You can even run that quick filtration process on one vat while you continue frying in another. 


Fast and Simple Maintenance 

From the very beginning, the F5 is designed to make troubleshooting quick and easy. 

If the F5 has an issue, it’s communicated with an easy-to-understand error message that doesn’t require users to look it up in a manual or make a phone call to understand. The operator will be prompted with step-by-step instructions to attempt to resolve the issue. If that fails, the F5 will show a collection of training and troubleshooting videos to help guide the user through attempting to fix the problem. 

But we know that won’t solve every issue, which is why Henny Penny has both a global service network and complimentary 24/7/365 technical support by phone and email. Our support team has a track record of solving more than one third of call-in issues directly over the phone. 

In the event that in-person service is required, we’ve made that easy as well, with an accessible equipment design created specifically for fast and easy work for our technicians, who can quickly and efficiently help with the rare issue that requires them to visit. 

If you’re curious about how the F5 can make your frying easier, reach out to a Henny Penny distributor today to schedule a demo. 

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