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Running a coffee shop or café is expensive. There are so many costs involved that sometimes it can be difficult to know where you are losing money, and where you are making it. If you haven’t been using an ice machine in your business, then you may well find that this is the very reason why your business has been bleeding money, and as summer approaches, the need to plug that hole is going to become more dire. So, to help you with that, here are a few reasons why an ice machine will save you money in the long-run.


Are Your Ordering Ice By the Bag?

For smaller businesses, it is likely more cost-effective to order ice instead of making it yourself; it all comes down to how much of it you need to serve on a daily basis. However, as your business grows, so too will your need for ice, and you will likely find that ordering it in large quantities is costing your business too much. In such a case, opting to buy a café and coffee shop ice machine for sale will be your best shot at managing your supply and the cost of it at the same time.


How Many Clients Have You Lost To Warm Drinks?

Many of the drinks you serve, from sodas to ice-coffees, will require ice to make them enjoyable. If you have ever been in the situation of not being able to serve a chilled drink due to a lack of ice, then you may have lost a few customers, and some of them may have become regulars. By getting an ice machine on your premises, you will effectively stop this from happening and retain more customers as a result, leading to a boost in your profits.


What are You Paying to Store Ice?

If you are buying ice, then one of the costs you need to factor in is that of its storage. Refrigeration systems cost money to run, especially if they are only keeping your ice cooled. By buying an ice machine with a high enough capacity, however, you will be able to combine the cost of making it with the cost of storing it, essentially saving you money in the long run.


How Much Wastage are You Creating with Pre-Made Ice?

Wastage produced from pre-packaged ice cannot be used for all that much. However, when using an ice making machine, this wastage can be recycled back into the system to create more ice, saving you on costs in the long-run, while also doing a little bit for environmental conservation thanks to the savings on water.


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