Perfect for any hotel or banqueting function!

Simplicity, perseverance, tenacity and efficiency, qualities that make MODULINE, a true “chef-partner”, essential for kitchen professionals. Moduline is completeness of resolutions and innovations, further strengthened by the simplicity of the new electronic controls with the HACCP system for saving data, created to move closer to those that desire to work with dedication and in complete peace.

Special features on all models include:

  • Electronic control of the temperature
  • Operating temperature 30° – 120°C
  • Two adjustable humidity vents : on the drawer and rear wall
  • Designed for stacking
  • Chamber with safety thermostat
  • Suction Feet
  • Reversible Door
  • Long lasting high heat resisting door seals


MSC Brochure
Exploded Parts (MSC 11 E)
Exploded Parts (MSC 12 E)
Exploded Parts (MSC 13 E)

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